Mechanical Energy Converter – M.E.C


M.E.C – Mechanical Energy Converter. Runs on any fossil fuel, gas or plant oil, or a mix of different fuel types.


Environmentally Friendly Engine


Why do we need this?

1. Multi fuelled
2. Low/very low pollution
3. Very silent compared to conventional engines
4. High Thermal Efficiency
5. Few parts/low production cost
6. High power to weight ratio,
7. Has an internal step-less gearing for connecting to any external application
8. Can replace any conventional engine or be used as a direct electricity supply


Applications & Potential markets


The M.E.C has multiple applications, just to name a few.

•  Range Extender for trickle charging electric cars while you drive.
•  Engine replacement for small boat market, eliminating need for high polluting and noisy conventional engines,
•  Electricity/hot water supply for caravans, cabins, houses. M.E.C can provide electricity and or hot water on demand.
•  Portable power supply for military, campers, hunters and more.
•  Emergency generator /hot water supply, after natural disasters in developing countries.

The applications are limitless.

The M.E.C has a highly efficient electricity supply when using any fossil & plant fuel source; with low noise, low fuel consumption and a low carbon footprint.


Conventional engines shown on left side and what the M.E.C improves in blue.



Mecenco Trickle
Application is to charge electric vertical batteries. The M.E.C´s efficiency simply out-performs the best battery and engine technology. M.E.C works as a range extender for any electric vertical battery powered cars, bikes, motorbikes and drones. Drones expected flying time will be 2-3 times longer than compared to using a battery today, and it works just as efficiently using a wide range of fuels or a mix of these.


Mechanical Energy Converter – M.E.C the Environmentally Friendly Engine!


M.E.C runs on any fossil fuel, gas or plant oil, or a mix of different fuel types.


The M.E.C has multiple applications, just to name a few;
Range Extender, Engine replacement, Electricity/hot water supplyPortable power supply, Emergency generator /hot water supply, The applications are limitless!